What We Do

At V R Heroes, our goal is to help talented young individuals achieve the success they deserve. We believe the biggest hurdle in their way, especially the underprivileged, is access to quality education. The education system reserved for the masses is failing miserably in teaching youth with basic critical thinking and reasoning skills. We are trying to address this gap.

The cornerstone of our program is a free school in Peshawar, Pakistan that has been operational since 2013. At this facility we are working not only to improve the education standards of the enrolled youth but we are also designing programs and frameworks that could be replicated on a mass scale to improve the quality of education at other free and low income private schools across Pakistan.

An extremely important part of our program is daily video conferencing between Peshawar and Canada. It has allowed us an opportunity to use technology to monitor and train our staff and students in Pakistan, using volunteers from Canada.

With the help of volunteers from around the world, who are experts in their fields, we aim to keep improving the program. We aim to use our experience in Peshawar as a template for future collaborative programs around the world.

Currently we are connecting with donors to adopt our Heroes by providing financial support to cover the cost of their education.


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