• Journey so far ..

    The journey that we started back in April 2013 has been a great learning experience. It has provided us with an opportunity to make a difference in the life of the children that we adopted but more importantly it has helped us take steps towards devising systems that could help shape the future of coming generations. The biggest gap that we have always wanted to address ...

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  • Ramadan Kareem – 2014

    Ramadan Kareem! Thank You for your continued support. Please remember us for your ZAKAT donations and spread the word to friends and family. Thanks to your efforts our collective dream of creating critically thinking intelligent citizens of tomorrow is one step closer. Highlights so far: We have successfully created an environment to provide top quality free education to ...

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  • One Year Anniversary

    Congratulations! Thanks to your efforts we have successfully completed our first year at V R Heroes Foundation.  This year has proven to be a great success and a great learning experience. Our dream of providing top quality education to deserving children around the world free of cost has taken its first step. It is the first of many years to come and below are some of the highlights from our first year.

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