About Us

V R Heroes Foundation is a not-for-profit with an aim to create critical thinkers and future leaders. The biggest gap that we want to address is the precariously low levels of critical thinking and reasoning skills in the youth.


Mission Statement:

V R Heroes Foundation’s mission is to create systems and frameworks that would help provide high quality education to children regardless of their economic standing.



Our vision is a world in which young local leaders are solving problem; local and global, leading the coming generations towards a better and a brighter future



Provide talented underprivileged youth with top quality free education

Create frameworks to enable the delivery of quality education on a mass scale



Expand our free educational facility in Peshwar, Pakistan

Provide complete support to the youth enrolled in our institution through school, college and university

Use our facility in Peshawar to help with the development of a framework to improve the quality of curriculum at primary and secondary level

Work with other institutions to share best practices





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